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Sultry No Band Clusters
McKenzie Fretz

Sultry No Band Clusters

Good but not a good buy

These lashes are very nice and stay on really well with proper care. My complaint is that you can't customize the length or just buy trays of certain lengths. The kit came with several 16mm that I won't use & I can't afford to buy kits with lashes I won't use so I won't buy again.

I hate everything about eye shine cosmetics. I have spent so much money with them it's ridiculous and these lashes do not go on like the ones in the videos. I've had three friends that have said the same thing so I don't know if these videos are sponsored but these lashes do not just cling to your eyelash like they do in these review videos. Everything I bought was a complete waste of money and they are all sitting in my drawer and they will never be used. I actually did give it one more shot on Monday and no luck.

No, no and no. After watching hundreds of videos, I did every step exactly as the videos I watched. I purchased four different packages of these and I also purchased the tweezers, the bonding gel, the cleaner. I spent a lot of money with this company to never once be able to get these to stay on or even stick. All these videos they just cling to these girls eyes and everybody that I've known that has purchased it has wondered the same as I have.

Yeah no. I waited for the natural to come in. I still think they're too long. I've watched hundreds of videos and these eyelashes seem to just stick right to their eyes and not for me. And I have followed the directions to a t. And I have purchased three other sets along with other items. They are all sitting in my drawer and will never get used. I actually tried to put them on Monday night as it was my husband's birthday who had just passed away. They just would not stick. They didn't from day one and they don't know. This is something I will never repurchase again.

Wispy set
andi holley
My fav lashes, they are amazing!!!

i love these lashes i’ve got multiple packs i love them

Luxe set
Haley Fitzgerald
Worth the buy

My 8th pan of lashes I love them so much they

Hybrid set

Loved these lashes !

Classic set
Love but wish they offered 1 size packs.

I love these lashes and at one point there were boxes of just 12 & 14. I’m an older person and the 16 and just too long for me. I ordered the 8-14 and the 8 are super tiny. Wish they would offer packs of one size. Great product love the glue and I keep ordering and wasting the 16 lashes because it’s still worth it.

Love love love!! Easy and I’m so addicted now!

Def works

I have tried many lash glues and they have not been great. This one was definitely sticky. Let’s just say it took a lot of scrubbing to remove the glue. But I loved it lol.

First time doing this!

Love the fact that there are tutorial videos on the company's tiktok for beginners! Made me more at easy and comfortable to do this myself! Loved how they look!

2 in 1 bond is the best

I use it all the time I love it so much! A must in my weekly routine


Works great! Will repurchase!

Good! 👍👍

I love the glue. Strong hold and is indeed waterproof. Doesn’t irritate my eyes.

Besties Gift Box
Clara Cancio
Never arrived and refund process SUCKS

My order never arrived and I never got refunded because usps is dumb. All I wanted was a replacement order and no one could help. Lost 100 bucks for no reason


Love the curls


Perfect for classic set

Lindsey Carter

I am absolutely obsessed with the Angel Set as well as her clear bond and seal! I wear them everyday and they last me forever! I change them every Sunday and they always hold up! So worth your $$!!

Natural set
Starr Washington

I absolutely love these!!!!! I’ve been out a ton and everyone gives me soo many compliments saying how long my lashes are and little do they know there fake 😂 run don’t walk !!!!!

Natural gift set
Johanna Meraz

I have tried my share of lashes and these are 100% the ones!!! Usually took me almost an hour!!! With this brand, 10 minutes!!!! And the lashes stayed on for a week. I only took them off because I wanted to try a new style. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

They’re pretty, but they’re heavy, feel like plastic, pinch, and even with the removal oil they pull lashes out