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Wispy set
very ugly, expensive and not long lasting at all

i’ve been doing cluster lashes for a very long time but i ran out of my stuff and decided to try another brand. this was horrible. the shipping took forever and i was so incredibly disappointed by everything about this. wouldn’t recommend

Best bond ever!

I used this for my lashes before leaving for Cancun. With all the humidity, swimming daily in both the pool and the ocean for 8 days, I only lost one tiny cluster on the outer edge of my eye. I'm a forever customer!

Works like a charm

Pretty much nothing will get the glue off but this

Not sure this is worth the $$. Could use baby oil or castor oil.

This is the best Bind and Seal in the market. Have tried many and this is the one!!

Best Glue I have ever tried.

I have searched for the best glue and I have finally found it. I can keep my lashes on for two weeks with proper care. Love their lashes and glue!

DIY Lashes

These lashes are my go to! I recommend them to everyone!

They are ok

If you like a very subtle look then these may be for you. I like more of a wispy with spikes. I tried these with another pair to add spikes. Just didn’t work. Wish they offered 18’s. I won’t order these again. Not for me

Black Bond

I’m new to cluster applications so keep that in mind. I find the curve in the bind application brush to be extreme. I feel like it should be a bit straighter for greater ease and more accurate dispersement onto lashes. I keep getting black glue around eye area.

Absolutely love !!! Wish it came in different colors other than just brown & black tho

Spacey set
Emma Cobabe

Lashes seem different than they used to be. Not as much space between chunks of the lashes so the style doesn’t look the same

Super strong and dries my lashes fast. I love it

Always my go to lashes I love em

Warrior no band lashes
Leticia mariscal

Easy to put on and not to heavy on eye lids. Looks very natural.

5 starts


2-in-1 Bond

Loyal customer here for when I need to buy my eyelash clusters and my bond for them! Love them both. Clusters are cute and the bond holds really good.

Classic set
Fuatino Aimaasu

Classic set

One of the best!

I love this bond & seal!! I love the ball at the end of the seal because it makes applying it very easy. The bond stick has a curve to it and that makes it easier to apply the bond! My lashes last at least 5 days!! It could possibly go longer, but my inner and outer corner of my lashes get watery and start to get a little sticky and I take them off. The only thing I don’t like is that the bond part dries fast.

Natural set

Love them !!!

Luxe set

the prices def went up and the quality went down

Brow filling pen
Rose Yciano
Brow Filling Pen

Love it…👍👍👍

Had an issue during shipment and the customer service team was fast and responsive. Best lash glue on the market. I have ordered previously and will order again very soon. Eyeshines lash glue is not tacky after the seal, it is the best consistency where it is not too runny or dry, it is the perfect amount of tackiness when applying your lashes which leads to an easy application process. The seal is great too (a little goes a long way, do not over apply or it will cause a white cast). Great product. 10/10

These are the only lashes I buy, this is my 3rd order! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the natural set. Customer service is also fast and responsive. Great brand overall.

Glue did not stick

I always use this glue and same lash set but this glue I feel like it did not hold for longer than 3 days when normally I can wear for a week and a half. nothing in my routine has changed to cause them not to last as long as normal

love these - perfect style so cute