Frequently Asked Question

How long does each set last?

For a beginner expect it to last 2-5 days. For the under lash pros they can make them last 7-10 days

How many lash sets can you get from each tray?

Each tray will provide 10-12 pairs of lashes

Can you wet them?

Yes they can be wet with cold water.

Is washing them necessary?

Since they only last up to a week it is not required to wash them unless they are dirty with makeup. So if you wear lots of eyeshadow you should wash them when they are visibly dirty.

Do I apply the bond like mascara?

No only tap the bond at the base of your lashes to prevent clumping up your natural lashes

How long should I wait to apply clusters after bond is applied?

Wait 30-40 seconds for bond to get tacky

How to sleep with them?

Sleep on back or side to preserve the look of the lash set.