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Hybrid set
Ariana Barrera

Hybrid set

Brownie set
Mary Cagey
Lash Identification

First of all! I love love love you Eyeshine DIY lashes. The only thing that was a bit confusing, I got the Spoiled set, & I want it all. I couldn’t tell what lashes were where. It would be nice to have the names of the lash visible on the pallets that have multiple styles . It would make it easier to order a specific lash.

Love it!

I love the Eyeshine Duostick & seal. It is easy to apply my extensions. I’m still trying to learn how to make my lashes last long. As of right now they last me 3-4 days. It could be user error. Other wise I am a fan!


I have tried many bond and seals and this one is the best! It lasts at least five to seven days and is easy to use!

It’s ok

Lashes are very very long compared to other brands. The clear glue doesn’t dry down completely. It does last about 4 days. But I wish the glue wasn’t sticky even when dry.

Best lashes!

Love the lashes, las 7-10 days for me. Great customer service

Love it

Love These Lashes

I have tried other brands and this by far is the best and easiest to work with. Other brands are messy and I would get glue everywhere. This product is designed for easy application and my lashes stay on until I decide to remove them. So far, I've worn them for 5 days straight. I'm also able to clean them daily without them falling off. Will continue to purchase!

Bond and seal

so far the best glue and seal i’ve ever used!! definitely recommend buying from this brand.

Hybrid set
Amanda Johnson

Love them

Wispy set
Elizabeth Lopez

Wispy set

Natural set
Sydney Hansen
Not Natural Enough

They were really pretty and overall great quality lashes. You get what you pay for and I appreciated good timing and good quality. However, in my perspective I think natural lashes should look natural and like your own lash and these were very long and stuck out a lot.

Eyeshine DuoStick & Seal
Kenia Maldonado
Im in love

Love how this is so easy use and worth every single penny


I’ve tried several brands for cluster eyelash extensions. These are hands down the best ones I’ve ever tried!

Melinda Leyden
Absolutely loved it

The easiest DIY lash extensions ever! I can literally put my lashes on in 5 minutes

Wispy set
karen ceron
I love it. Best set of eyelashes

I love this brand. It does not even feel like I’m wearing anything. They last for days.


Me encanta sigo aprendiendo para aplicarmelas perko son buenas y durables

Natural set
Aide Morales

Absolutely love them! My everyday to go! There supper lightweight

Drama set
Margie Valles

They're gorgeous and soft definitely ordering more soon

Volume set
Edna Gonzalez
Volume set

I like that you can see the glue and that it does seems like you are using it, other brands seem like the glue is dry and don’t know if you are applying, today was my first day, lets see how long they last. What I didn’t like its that the sizes all seem to be all the same, like there is no difference between the 12, 14 and the 16, but over all the are great!


Love this style! I probably won’t be ordering it again since it’s a C curl & prefer a D curl

Fantastic Eyelashes

The Eyeshine Wispy starter kit has everything you need to create beautiful eyelashes. I highly recommend you watch the instructional videos as placement is KEY for a successful application.

The lashes are pretty (a bit challenging to remove from the strip they are adhered to). The bond and seal are AWESOME! I've been able to wear my lashes for approximately a week without any lifting, etc. Once they began to loosen, I applied the removal oil to the base of my lashes and they were removed easily.

It is important to make sure to clean your lashes before application and after removal to remove any residue. Clean lashes are a must!

Hybrid set
Polu Toa

Love it


I’ve tried the B&Q bond and seal, and that would only last me hardly even a day!! But this bond and and seal LITERALLY LASTS MAX 5 days!! Amazing!

Wispy set
Elizabeth Macias

So happy with the quality of these lashes. They are so soft & can last (for me) up to 4 days…I love a fresh set & they are really soft & comfortable. Customer service at Eyeshine cosmetics is amazing as well.